Capper Headsets

Capper Headsets

JD Machinery is your exclusive source for Magnetic Technologies hysteresis capper headsets. PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA


Hysteresis Headsets: Hysteresis magnetic technology provides smooth non-ratcheting torque for tighter torque control, longer life and simple rebuilds. The ideal solution for ultra lightweight closures.

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NEW: Magnetic Technologies Hysteresis Capper Clutch Options for Dairy Applications

NEW: XT6, MT4 and Magna Tork replacements for Magnetic Technologies


Patent Pending Top Load Design incorporates polygon drive system for maximum load and unique self-centering feature. NO DOWELL PINS!

Double Encapsulated Magnets
Totally protected individual magnets. Ask about our extended magnet warranty.

Magnetic Technologies and JD Machinery Sales and Service offers a headset exchange programs The exchange program allows customers to receive factory rebuilt and warranted headsets on a pre determined schedule. Headset Exchange Program available for but not limited to the following

  • Alcoa Magna Tork and Magna Tork 2000
  • CSI XT6
  • Zalkin BZ-2, BZ-3
  • Fogg 700 series, Model 45
  • Arol PK310, PK315
  • US Bottlers Pneumatic and Mechanical capper clutch

Headsets and magnetic capper clutches provided for the following machines:

  • Alcoa cappers
  • Arol cappers
  • Federal cappers
  • Fogg, 700 series and pick & place
  • Krones cappers
  • KHS cappers
  • US Bottlers all models
  • Zalkin all models

Magnetic Technologies Ltd has been providing quality hysteresis clutches since 1984. They have 10s of thousands of units in operation. Their unique design provides for lower inertia during application and totally encapsulated magnets to work in the harshest environment. The Magnetic Technologies engineering and support staff is available to design custom headsets to handle your specific need.

Fogg 700 series and pick and place capper headsets
Literature: Contact us for more information.
Zalkin quick release headset options from Magnetic Technologies
Literature: Contact us for more information.

US Bottlers replacement capper clutch with improved design for better performance and extended life.
Literature: Contact us for more information.

Alcoa Magna Tork drop in unit
Literature: Contact us for more information.

Rebuild Tool Kits available for every model to allow customers to service and rebuild headsets in house . Training available from highly qualified capper technicians.